Sunday, June 15, 2014


Back with some updates! It's been a while since I've updated my blog with anything personal, usually only updates about events and dance but heh. I decided to go for the cut! I cut 6-7inches of my most loved hair. I chopped off all my bleached ends and omfg it is ridiculously short. It doesn't even surpass my boobs and cover them the way the mermaids' hair do! It's been so long since I had this length; prolly back when I was 15 wtf. It's a refreshing change tho. People say I look more lady-like and younger/mature idk. Gonna redye it with Loreal's P66 Intense Spicy Red before the 20th this month!

And, I've started my fourth sem this month(June) and I got my results back! I usually do not check them online and wait for the black and white print instead but I just couldn't help it when my friend, Vanee spammed our college group chat with hers! I was so afraid to scroll down but when I did, I squealed! Literally! LIKE HOW? It's been exactly a year since I've started college and I've finally got "what-i-think" is my best! A CGPA of 3.93 with straight distinctions! Since first sem, I've been maintaining my 3.5 CGPA and above score and I hope it'll stay that way till I graduate! I am really thankful and proud of all my hard work and tears and sleep I've sacrificed into making this happen. Plus, my lecturer is not one so generous in giving out her marks. Gonna work fucking hard for 7 weeks in my 4th sem in summer and score well for my PR, Reporting and Malaysian Studies class. Usually it's only 2 classes per short sem, but I'm kiasu and I want to graduate faster LOL. *pops confetti* :D

Also, we had a mini photoshoot session in the studio. This was what we wore and of course, taken before I chopped off my hair heh. We were asked to send in crew pictures to the organizer of COTK2014 for their grand finals event preparations. It's gonna be super big this year and we are all really nervous and worried! BUT. I'm sure we can all do it! UISH!

Uploaded some of my other pictures taken that night on my Instagram @arielllo. Check them out and follow me please? HEHE.

Today is the 16th of June as I type this and the D-day is on the 21st. We fly on the 20th. That gives us D-3 left to practice as hardcore as we can at the studio before packing our luggages! Wish us luck! xx

On a side note, caught a virus that made me get really bad cough, flu, sore throat and fever. Seriously triple combo + 1 stirke ah! All this landed on a pretty bad timing. Classes just started(every afternoon from Tues-Sat) and dance practices are getting more intense. I better try to get as much rest as possible and sleep more. Hopefully, I'll be brand new by the time I need to fly!

Summer '14 is starting real soon and I cannot wait to be reunited with my fluffball. Party time, bitches! xx

#happykch launch

If you're a Kuching-nite, I'm pretty sure you've heard of the #happykch video shoot that has been going on for a while a month or two back! So they collected over 150? plus, people to take part in this video shoot. The main purpose of shooting this event was to showcase all Kuching town's local talents whether it's dancing, singing, acting, or just being happy or fun! (ps; but mostly it's dancing cause idk that's usually what people do when they're happy? Hahah) So, the event was held at Plaza Merdeka at night around 8pm on the 23rd of May 2014. We were to dance a routine for one of the showcase slots. Other studios were also included and a huge thanks to Studio 23 who let us use their roadshow event to do the launching!

Launching of #happykch done!

A very unglam shot of us during the routine wtffff HAHAH. Seriously? Photographers need to get better timing! If you happen to have any pictures of us dancing or videos, it'll be much appreciated!

Bev in the spotlight and me in the background. SIGH. This would have made a perfect picture for me! T_T

Behind the scenes-Vanity Crew

I think I look weird here cause of my very unglam hair and all but thank you for the picture!

A friend screenshot this from the entire video! Did you guys manage to spot me in my 3 second slot lol. Hashtag sad life. Only managed to be in for 3 seconds in a 5.48minute video!

Was also interviewed and featured in this online article on #happykch. I really don't fancy the picture but...oh well. And when I told her I'm only 19, she was so shocked. DO I LOOK THAT OLD? :(
But overall, the event wrapped up pretty quickly after all the showcases and stuff. Enjoy the entire video down below! Thanks for reading! :) 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Haven't blogged for a while so I'm gonna update this site on a dance event Vanity Crew attended a few weeks back! We were invited to perform a show for R16 Borneo on the 31st of May last month at Plaza Merdeka. This is one of the biggest dance events held in a long long time! The organizer, Sollah is a friend of mine whom I partied with at Junk on new year's eve. I think this explains how we got connected to such an event heh. R16 has aways been around and consists of bboy battles and popping ones. However, we've never actually had it here in Borneo so it was a big thing! There were international judges involved including DJ from UK. Look at the poster above as reference heh.

The crazy amount of people there that day. About 80% were dancers. Dancers from KL, Indonesia, Sabah, Johor, etc etc. all flew in to Kuching just to compete and take part in this event! This picture doesnt even do the crowd that day much justice. It was SO packed. I am in this picture tho? If you can spot me, i'll buy you ice cream hehehhe ^_^

The winnings of that day!

Only the 3 of us were available to do the showcase that day. Munie was in charge of photography and videography that day so we decided to just re-use the first routine we did for Gatbsy's 6th competition in KL earlier this year. Wore this army chiffon top over my outfit and forgot to take it off for pictures, hence, the difference LOL. I've got to say I was dead tired that day and since I had my monthly visits, I was literally in a lot, a lot, of pain. Thank god for medication. Since we weren't aware of what time our showcase was, we stayed at the mall from 12pm up till 10pm. wtf. Ended up our show was around 6-8pm. 

Reminder: always find out what is our slot before an event!

Some shots during the battles!

Judges. Funny thing was we performed facing the crowd so basically the judges were staring at our.. umm.. asses? HAHAHAH.

The bboy battles were interesting as they had this judging application. Each judge is in charge of one element in the dancers: - Foundation, Originality, Dynamics, Execution and lastly, Battle. The crews who have more categories ticked owns the battle.

With Vivien from KL. The female popper who got 2nd place! Congratulations and it was nice meeting you :)

Winners of the different categories that day! Congratulations all! It was a dope battle! :D

and of course, we didn't forget to take pictures with the judges! This is with  DYZEE from Canada/Korea!

with bboy Puzzles from Canada/Beijing. Proud to say he himself requested a picture with us HEHEH.

With Sollah from Indonesia.

With the all-time legend, Alieness from USA! Too bad he had an injury. Would have loved to see him dance during the judges showcases.

with bboy BLUE from Korea/Australia. He was the most quiet but his dancing was so fierce!

With the deejay, DJ DSK from UK. His songs and remixes were so good and they fit so perfectly for each battle. we have been to events where the deejays just suck and are not aware of the music we dancers need so we loved his music! They even had his CDs and stuff for sale that day.

Sadly due to some problems, SugaPop from USA wasn't able to make it and we didn't manage to take a picture with popping judge, PopKun from Korea! ( However,the after party with them, I took selfies with him but they're all in his phone so...bummer much?) SIGH PIE.

Group picture with Street Geekz who did the closing number for the event.

Kuching bboys! You all did so well today! Go Kuching! :D

As usual, the mandatory ugly, weird, funny faced and posed photos of us. WHAT KIND OF DUCK FACE WAS I DOING SO FUGLY PLS. Hahahahha! 

Us trying to spell out "R16" with our bodies.

With my Vanity darlings!

Anyway, that concludes the R16 events of that day and congrats to all winners who'll move on to Singapore for the second round! Thank you for having us to perform at such an event and we are really grateful! xx

Summary of the entire event covered by Blaqfaez. ENJOY!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Clash of the Kingz 2014 Kuching round

Here's a really late update on COTK 2014 that happened last month! (4th May) Wasn't able to update this space much since I've been really busy with exams and other dance events. Selfie of me that day above! So, Vanity Crew took part in the Clash of the Kingz Kuching round tournament to be qualified to go for the finals in KL. We originally thought the rules and conditions were same for last year but it turned out we only needed 1 routine instead of 2. It was a huge relief omfg. It relieved the entire team of the burden to complete 2 routines in like 2.5 weeks. On the day itself, we all got up real early to get ready. My arm has officially got toned muscles from curling everyone's hair with my heavy curling iron. The event was held at Boulevard shopping Mall and lasted from 1-3/4pm.

This time round we focused more on hip hop style instead of the usual infused street jazz one. I loved it! but the only problem was stamina. Imagine doing the whole routine without getting tired. That would be so dope! Oh and Candy competed this time instead of Jasz so, welcome back Candy!

Moving on to pictures of the day!

Okay, we 2-3 lack serious synchronisation here. Hastag fail! Oops hahaha.

and here..... (altho i know exactly which part of the choreo we were all doing lol)

There were around 6-8 groups (if i'm not mistaken) competing including ourselves and we found ourselves on stage in the top3 before they announced the results. VanthrillaQuist on the left placed 3rd and Street Geekz on the right placed 2nd. Look at our happy faces (or more like relieved faces) when they announced the results! Yayyyy! Honestly I was so relieved we made it through cause we all worked so damn hard each and every night. However looking back to the night before, we felt like we danced better in the studio recording instead of on the stage that day. Anyway, no time to look back and regret but to move forward and work harder! :D

With one of the organizers and sponsors of the event. Thank you everyone who came to support and show love, thank you to all my crew members who have slaved through together as one and may we work even harder for the final round in KL on the 21st of June! 

And we cannot forget the off-stage-slash-behind the scenes photo taking!

I love love love love love this shot! 

We drew our crew name on our very much imaginative arms muscles LOL

That is just sad wtf. hahah.

With one of the judges, Elaine Chiam. Attended her workshop the night before the competition and her words of advice and encouragement really helped us a lot. Thank you for your time and guidance and see you soon!

Ending this post with a selfie with Munie and Candy. Didn't have any selfies with the rest and I don't know why LOL. Unfortunately Candy won't be able to join us for the finals in KL as she's from Kapit and it's really out of the way to come to Kuching just for practice sessions and so on. So we discussed it with the event organizers and they said it was fine if we replaced her with Jasz. Time to work hard together my ladies! Fighting! Video of that day down below. There were mistakes so we didn't upload it onto our page :(