Thursday, April 10, 2014

Selfie Night

Whoop! Back with an short update for those who still read my blog lol.
Vanity Crew performed at Lido Star a few weeks back in conjunction of "Selfie Night" by GroovyGlam Limited. You can hit them up on facebook to know more :)

My face of that night. We all went for the catwoman theme; black clothing, gold accessories, red lips, sleek ponytail and laced cut out masks. We stuck on the lace fabric with eyelash glue LOL. It worked fine tho!

DJ Katsy Lee! She's so pretty! Met her backstage and she was super friendly and smiley! Sadly, didn't get a chance to hear her spin tho since we headed straight to Junk Backstage post-showcase.

Party people! View of the stage from the second floor. It was really jam packed with people that night.

Lido singers and band doing their thanggg~

Their outfits never cease to amaze me tho. AND BOOBIES. Why do I lack sigh hahahha!

Emcee and host of the night, Alex.

A few shots during our showcase. All photos are credited to the talented Grace Sow. Thank you! xx

The photos are still so saturated even though I've re-uploaded them many times. Blogger hates me. *sigh


The night ended with the beatboxing duo. Again, didn't manage to watch since I was long gone partying else where lolol. oops.

Group shots with the movie preview-like setting at Lido's main entrance with red carpet and all. I feel a bit important. A BIT. HEHEHEHE.

Thank you for coming! M E O W!  Preview of the entire night down below! :) xx