Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Plot Twist

Sup! It's been a hectic week. I've been out almost.. well, all the time. My assignments are piling up as well but as you can see I rather blog a meaningless post(which nobody would probably read) than do my 2k word essay, presentation or my assignments, oops? Nevermind that, this is my safe haven.. for now, at least.

 Received particularly good news just last night which got me even more sleep deprived than before. If you've always been reading my blog, you'd known by now that my crew lost in the Clash of the Kingz competition held last month or so. Right? BUT, we got news that we were invited to compete in the grand finals in KL next month! That's like a week away and we are super excited! Apparently my leader had a talk with the judges and organizers of the event and we found out the critics and etc but that doesn't matter cause we were invited!! WHAT IS THIS MIRACULOUS PLOT TWIST?! Omg I feel so blessed now. Intensive training is going down and then we fly, fly, fly to KL!! *happy dance* But since I've been pigging out ridiculously also somewhat in my own way mourning over my loss lolol, just kidding , my so-called abs and v-line has vanished. I IZ DEPRESSED. Sigh, time to get em back since I have motivation now, uuuuushhhh!!  *mentally does every single workout available*

That aside, went out with ex-classmates from highschool since Vienny would be leaving for her studies, noooooo! :(  Somehow, we all look friggin' exhausted. LOOK AT THEM EYEBAGS! My schedule is so packed it's not funny anymore. I had to literally dig out time to hang out and I rushed out after my assignment meeting with coursemates so I think I look dead? 

Watched Monster's University with them that night. It is a pre-sequel of Monsters Inc. if you guys don't know. I won't spoil the movie here for those who haven't watched it. BUT ITS RIDICULOUSLY CUTE. I like weird things so oh well. Teehee! Le crew is annoyed how i never wait for them to watch these "cartoon" movies with them, oops? At least I watch it a SECOND time with you guys, right? Sigh, I'm too nice! ^_^v
Personal rating: 8/10 -- maybe cause for me it's kinda predictable? idk, what do you think?

selca of the day.

22nd June 2013 : Star Spectacular Hoe Down

Every year the Karar Line Dancers will organize this huge charity to raise funds for donations and this year is no different? The feeling however is different for me, maybe cause my seating arrangement is wayyyyyy different than the previous 3-4 years? Went to the morning workshop and literally sped my ass off on the road. The workshop starts at 9am. I woke up at 8.45am. Go figure. teehee. :P Spent the afternoon napping at Babo's place as well as getting ready. I didn't have a bite to eat the whole day so when i reached the venue I was starved!  

My ootd or ootn that night. The theme was "Stars." Umm, this is the closest it can get to a starry night for me! I blame my overly-montone-ish wardrobe. To prove myself following the theme, my wolf top was actually surrounded by galaxy and small stars so I'm all good.

I can't remember the last time I took an actual picture with my mum, so here you go! And yes, I'm still shorter than her. Forever shorter than her -.- I mean, I'm in heels and I'm only slightly taller than her.. :/

The night ended at almost midnight. It went successfully i guess? Even the finale dance I did with the kids went well and well, you happy, I happy lahhhhhhh :)

23rd of June 2013, 12am. : HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY, RYAN! xx

So i last minutely found out it was gonna be Ryan's birthday 15 minutes before midnight, oops? Me and a few others rushed to get a surprise done for him. Since it's Kuching and not many places open after midnight except for late night wet markets, we went to McD and did the surprise there instead! His brownie birthday cake would have to do teehee. But, thank you for always being such a good friend to talk to, God bless <3 p="">

A shot with Joseph. Just realised how small my eyes look in this shot...... blehhh.


So, i was randomly scrolling my abandoned facebook timeline and i saw this. The amount of feelings all pent up that came rushing up to the surface was unbelievable. I feel so much for the girl it's ridiculous. I can totally relate to this situation and this guy is one heartless, son of a bitch. Do you think that we want to be so imperfect for you? It's so damn difficult to actually explain to someone who will never understand unless you;ve been through it in some similar way or whatever. You think that she herself, would wanna go around with this scars and shit-like complexion? And to make things worse, when she thought you'd be her rock to lean on, you fcking turned on her and brought her down to her lowest and for her to bask in the thought that maybe she is not worth anything at all. but guess what? You're the one who should be contemplating on your own self worth cause i see nothing in you but a egoistic bastard. *deep breath* okay, maybe I'm getting carried away here? but yeah.. insecurity and vulnerability are not the best feelings in the world you know..

but just so you know,

 Too many things have been happening lately, all way too fast. I'm fine. Really, I am. xx

Friday, June 14, 2013


Helloooooooo. Decided to update this neglected blog eventho' I have insufficient pictures so i guess this'll be one of those rare wordy posts. A selca of me and Bart Simpson to show y'all how i've been, if that even suffices?  ANYWAYS..

June has arrived and I've started college. Yep. No more attending to fussy customers and keeping that professional smiling at customers who don't deserve my smiles. BUT, I am thankful to my bosses. Seriously. Thank you so much for your doting and food lolol! College orientation was basically useless but i went anyway.. i think that's just cause i'm asian and I am a nice person teehee ^_^v  Managed to get to my classes without entering the wrong classes this time (i have a habit of entering the wrong classes confidently then basking in my embarrassment later). My schedule is pretty free compared to my other friends i guess? I only have two subs per sem (excluding Malaysian studies which will come next sem) and my classes are only 3 times per week - Introduction to Mass Communication & General Language Training. I took diploma in Mass Communication in Segi College. A lot say it's not a recommended college but i honestly think as long as i do my best i'll be just fine? :P

My Introduction to Mass Comm class is really interesting compared to my GLT classes (it's like incentive english tuition classes all over again D: ). Both my lecturers are pretty nice too. Thank God. I don't really feel like facing bitches at 9am in the morning you know.. I've never been a morning person. Jessie, my I.M.C lecturer is pretty awesome and sarcastic in her own way. Loving her classes so far as i can practically say anything i want since there's only 7 people in this class. Come on. "Watch more youtube videos as your homework" is practically a win-over for me! First class was quite a lonely time for me.. i didn't know anyone and none of my close friends were studying in the same college as me, so yeahhhh. Not an issue for long tho, since i made new friends and thank you God for non-fake, nice friends. *does the respectful Korean bow* GLT classes were different in the sense that there were about 60+ students. The assignments (slides and 2k word essay) are piling up but at least my group is full of reliable people! YAYERS. :D  

*Pictures with the Korean exchange students during orientation day 2*

Classes aside..Some friends came back from studying for hols and we've been catching up. It's been too long. BTW, i have my car already so I'm delighted! at least i don;t have to beg people to send me to places and feel bad for asking too many times. Got a new laptop as well since i'm gonna be needing it for college. I think i made quite the entrance with my hair and dressing style in my classes.. Don't know whether that's supposed to be a good thing or bad? Had McD for way too many times this week and if i'm not careful i might gain back that extra meat i lost in order to fit my aztec high-waisted shorts. *le sigh* 

I really feel like i'm rambling on and on but i dont give a damn LOL. I need to get everything off my chest.. keeping my nose burried in an E-book almost all the time i'm alone doesn't really help after a while, okay? :/ Been reconnecting with old friends and it's ridiculous the difference now. I can never understand how we clicked so well about anything and everything last time. I won't deny i changed a lot tho..
Studio has been relatively quiet since a lot of bboys rarely come around anymore but also cause of the lack of showcases. But it felt good dancing hip hop again despite the ridiculous body pains. Damn, i feel old. I know i've been saying i wanna get my belly pierced since forever and i should probably get my ass up and pierce it already before i chicken out again! Then again I've always had this logic that if i pierced it before i had a toned tummy to my liking, the fats will stay pierced there forever D:  

The Star Spectacular Charity event Karar is hosting is to be happening in 2 weeks. Thank God the kids i've been mentoring-slash-teaching are able to do their part without me being so frustrated anymore. Quite relieved to say that i officially resign after this event. Phew. It's been too long. I need to get out.

My love life is too MEH to talk about and I don't seem to feel that it's gonna blosson anytime soon. Can't deny i miss being in a relationship tho  i don't miss any of my past mistakes. lol. Oops, that cam out harsher that expected :/  Guess, i'll just sit back and wait. It feels kinda weird not having a crush on someone either then i remembered i wasn't in high school no more.. i guess that makes some sense. 

Okay. Abrupt end to this post with my latest most played kpop song. teehee. Till my next post, xx.