Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hair, piercings, tattoos & style.

Hello. I had nothing better to do so i figured i'd blog about a few things. <3

1) HAIR.
i decided to dye my hair straight after my last exam paper which marks the end of my high school 
year. Well, in my country, we cannot have dyed hair as it is against the rules in school.
not that our hair colour can determine our results but yeahhhh.
so, i was having a dilemma on what colour i would do my hair. so i picked out a few of 
those to my liking above! Actually, i only like the turquoise and natural one.
I love how the the ombre-d ends of the dark brown hair is done. But then again, i
want something really attention grabbing and something not many people would attempt.

so it all rounds down to this. either one of these colours are coming home with me. ^__^v
but at the moment i really just cant decide! The colours are too pretty *pukes rainbows*
so if you're reading this blog post of mine, do tweet me @arielllo and give me
your suggestions! :D i would really love to hear them! <3

the only piercing i would ever attempt and would like to have is the belly piercing.
i think that it's quite cool to have a belly piercing showing esp when you're wearing a 
cropped top or dancing on stage or even when you're at the beach! <3
and there is also a variety of belly piercing accessories which are quite cool too.
so yeah, i shall not chicken out the next time and just get it over and done with! /.\

The most basic piercings i would say are the ones on your ears. I mean, most people
would get that done first right? So far i have 4 lobe piercings and 2 cartilage ones.
i'm actually planning to an industrial piercing but since my cartilage ones took quite long to heal
i bet this will take even longer. i shall go settle my belly piercings one first! :P

Pretty cool ear accessories eh? I actually ordered one of the snake ones and i guess i'll do
a haul blog post once all my stuff arrive & also you can see how i'm always broke teehee!
But what can i say? Money is too easy to spend but so hard to earn! T__T
Plus i don't have a job and i'm still a student. even the more reason to stop spending.

a tattoo is a type of body art which inks a permanent design or word onto your body.
i've always found people with TOO MANY tattoos disgusting, no offence. i think
it's too much to have on one body especially if they're all over your skin surface :/

However, i like small and significant tattoos. I mean, something that actually means something
to you. and by that, i DO NOT mean tattoo-ing on your lovers name. What if you guys broke up?
It would be a pretty nasty experience and you'd have to go and get that tattoo, un-tattoo-ed.

Here are some tattoos which i find appealing. The backbone one is awesomely unique! <3
Jasz and I had the most wildest imagination ever of wanting to tattoo the words
"VANITY" onto our bodies. haha! I'd probably get it tattooed on some part of my back. :D
Why Vanity? Because that's our crew name! I've added a Facebook Social plugin to my
blog at the side so do spare us a second to like the page? Your support is most
appreciated! To thank you guys we will start dancing better and better okay? :3 


Everyone has that phase when they start to dress differently all for the sake of looking
their best right? I'd say my period of change was from the end of last year till now :)
two pictures of leather pants and awesome heels for you above! 
Mad love for the skeleton pants and the studded-spiked high heeels! <3 <3 <3

Here are some other cool ones. Like the first one especially but nothing beats the skeleton! <3

I love wearing cropped tops and shorts too. I'd update more in my upcoming haul post.
But mind you, my clothes i have ordered are nothing like the ones here.
i just cant find them anywhere, so do tweet me if you know where they're selling for an
affordable price! Pretty pretty please! i like other styles too besides this but recently i just
really adore the following ones below!

The inspired look is from a Korean girl group, 2NE1. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEIR STYLE! <3
i mean, take a look! 

super love their style. wooh! <3 Fan-girling now  brb. hahah! <3

that's all! Thanks for reading! *muah! xxx

Friday, May 4, 2012

Dipped dye shorts.

Obesssion at the moment. Can't wait to try and diy these awesome,
DIP DYED DENIM SHORTS! For those who know me quite well, i kinda
dislike wearing jeans especially in my country because the weather is damn hot here and
because i think i look better in shorts lol. Anyways, i've been craving for fashionable
shorts for so long but it's almost impossible to find nice ones in my budget or
in my country. Time to spam you with awesome pictures of dip dyed shorts. :D

Love these colourful shorts too. i wish to have one of every colour lol. And i've been surfing through
youtube videos and such to find out if it's possible to make them diy for dip dye.
Turns out to be quite easy! All you need are bleach, fabric dye and a pair of scissors! :D
I shall cut up my unusable jeans and try to make a pair this hols after my exams.

For more info on how to dip dye or the many ways to do so, click HERE!
i shall go dream about my shorts LOL. What's your current obsession? :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

BBQ @ Matang Family Park.

Hi! Soo, it was a public holiday last Tuesday and the start of the month of May! :D
so, the youth decided to go to Matang Family Park for barbeque and just to have fun.
Public holiday or not, i still had to wake up early. Sighh. oh well.
We were put into groups of three and had to marinate and bring our bbq-pieces.
It was kinda like a competition thing but then again, no winner was announced LOL.
i think everyone was too wiped out to even remember by the end of the day. teehee.
DOESN'T MATTER, HAD GOOD FOOD! (Y) so, anyway....

We gathered at the church and it took us about 45minutes to get to our destination. Hmm.
There were already many people there! Lucky for us the boys (Linus, Howard, Dylan, Sam)
went up much earlier to grab a bbq-ing spot for us. Yayy! We had to pay a small entry fee.
For adults it's Rm3/- and for us teenagers it's Rm2/-. Very affordable :)

This is the whole of the lot :D we got the whole space as above. So groups had to take turns :)
so glad to bump into Molaris ( i call him Mo) that day too! It's been a while.
Turns out he was having fun with his own group just opposite us too.

Let the barbeque-ing begin! Yes, i felt the heat. It was a freaking hot day! -__-

Howard loves to decorate his plate. Look! The sausage is like, standing LOL.

Me and Dylan panggang-ing and roasting from the heat.

Oh oh, did i mention? There were tons of insects there. Omg. I hate insects btw -.-
Not that i'm afraid of them, it's just that everything in the wildlife is trippled the size.
and plus, there were gazillions of bluebottles (flies, eww), weird looking caterpillars
and annoying ants of all sorts and sizes. YUCK. I AM TRAUMATIZED.
Especially by the flies. There were so many of them. Eww, gross, yuck!

ANYWAY, (sorry for ruining your appetite tho, lol)..

So, this is what my group came up with. I've gotta say, i like my group's plate LOL.
Partly cause Dylan marinted his lamb with X.O and my popo did her magic, so yeah.
teehee, the other boy(i forgot his name) contirbuted huge wings too :D

Other groups.

So the judges were our youth leaders and they acted all professional and stuff,
It was quite and amusing sight to see. haha. Well, it was already way past noon when everything
was done and we dug into the food. Literally. Partly cause i didnt have much breakfast
and cause i was tired from the bbq and crazy hot weather. 

The guys cooled off in the stream nearby until late afternoon. LOL. In my opinion, 
i wouldn't even go down there for a dip since i think the water is dirty. To me.
And also i didn't want to get wet and cause i had a monthly guest with me :)
But they enjoyed it so yeahh. There were so many people btw :O

and Finally, a group picture! Left the place at around 4pm. I was exhausted to the max.
However, received a last minute call to go to some place.(forgot the name)
Since it was on the way, we did. (some of us only- most went home dy). We saw fishermen
selling their catch. Some of the freshest i've ever seen. There were a few people buying
seafood from them too. I just came down and enjoyed the view.
Reached home around 5pm? Glad to be the first one to go home. Was wiped out.
Had a very eventful day. Woohoo, wow, Fantastic baby! <3

Ending this post with a picture i like taken by Howard while others
were looking at fresh seafood. xxx