Monday, October 11, 2010

Sarawak Forestry's Family Day (:

Photo of the day : Mum and ii (:

this is a super late post.
on the 2nd of Oct 2010, i woke up very early and went
to the MBKS Indoor Stadium. my mum's company having a family day
thingy there and im there to perform. so yeahh .___.
i was dang sleepy. and i miss that place.
i miss basketball trainings there :D ahaha.


To start off the morning-aerobics as warm up. instructor above.

the people warming up.
after warm up, a telematch was held.

Game one : sqeezing water into bottles.

Game two : running then taking off a shoe?
i aslo not sure :P

Game 3 : partly for the kids. colouring contest.

Game 4 : crab walk with a partner while carrying a ball.

Game 5 : the people were separated into groups.
and did the newspaper costume thingy.
the team that won (above picture).

After the indoor telematch, they had some sorta amazing race?
the few stations outside MBKS :D

the company slogan's puzzle.

hibiscus puzzle.

must be chun or you're not allowed to leave :)

some hitting netballs with a stick station.

wildlife puzzle. *macam so many puzzle stations?* :P

the "walk-together" station. DAMN FUNNY. haha!

flip a coin sation.

coloured paper puzzle station.

they made turtle shells out of cardboard and the player has to wear it.
while carrying 6 eggs ( rolled up paper balls) while crawling!


Last station, the sending bottle over the bridge station :)

Then, there was lunch break.
this aunty above in yellow played futsal with the kids.
SO CUTE. except for the part where two kids keep making faces
and staring at me. WHAT DO YOU WANT, KIDDO? -.-

after lunch, a talentine thingy. i was asked to perform.
so the heck with it ;) i screwed up though.
the people there aint supportive );
but still yeah, i did OKAY. i guess? whatever lah ;b

After that, to end the whole day, the gift session.
happy times, and tiring times too.
that day was awesome, i guess? HAHA. i got sunburnt -.-
oh wells. ;D

P.S.- im busy with the things i do, but every time i pause,
i think of you (: